Monster Hunty 4 Crow Pie Edition

Friend of the show and returning guest Brad Gallaway from joined us this week to guide us through the epic monster slaying grind-fest, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. The whole Gaymebar has been bitten by the thunderbug and have fallen into a shock trap of hunting goodness. This serves as a great cautionary primer to those who have not partnered with a felyne yet, and what to expect from the introductory hours of this engrossing game.

Something Happened Somewhere

Slow weeks can be difficult. We are building up to the Metal Gear 4 second glance next week. Jeremiah has been bored a bit by the order, and has learned that if Legend Of The River King was real life he would die of starvation. Plenty of late game Majora’s Mask talk happens at the top of the show… so if we have been spoiling your life with spoilers then… well we continue to do that. Some shade needed to be thrown at Square for their nonsense “crowd-funding” initiative. Lastly some talk about Teslagrad and Evo Land make it in towards the end.