The Walrus Cometh

Todd dug into the game vault with MegaMan X & Wario’s Woods for the SNES. We discussed the contentious Milon’s Secret Castle on NES.

Jeremiah and Todd discussed Xenoblade Chronicles in its many iterations.

Toups played Never Alone.

Jeremiah played Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China.

Jeremiah & Todd discuss Invisible Inc.

Alert! Kojima had a breakdown.

Everyone chats about Konami’s move to Mobile, including Nintendo with the upcoming Puzzles & Dragons cross-over.

Koji Igarashi launched an already-funded Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Leigh Alexander’s article Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is forever

Todd Streamed Final Fantasy XIII this past week with Nick Scratch from Streamfriends.

Todd created a fabulous Fashion Souls music video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Toups is hitting a wall with the Nightmare of Menzes in Bloodborne, and the boss Micro-Lashes: Proprietor of the Beauty Salon. Toups lusts over Logarius’ Wheel. Todd has some build issues, and his relationship with Bloodborne is rocky at best. And Toups had a tale about an invasion friendship in the Nightmare Frontier.

Unfinished Swan & Hohokum are being featured for the PS3 with the Playstation Plus membership.


Toups finally got a PS4 and his beloved Bloodborne, so it’s an all-out Souls-tastic extravaganza of slaying. Join in on the fun. Some other games were discussed, the Stephen Universe game & Resident Evil Revelations 2. But they aren’t Souls games. So we don’t even know what to do with them.
Attack the Light: Stephen Universe on iOS, Android & Kindle Fire
Resident Evil Revelations 2

The Cup Runneth Dry

We try and to a point succeed to take the Dark Souls out of the show this week… Although Toups does try. Todd has plenty of Mortal Kombat to talk about and there are a few other bits here and there but the reality is.. the cup is running dry at the moment and every one has been stretched a bit thin so we are instating summer hours at the bar a bit earlier this year. Starting here we will be posting every two weeks until the fall.

Monster Hunty 4 Crow Pie Edition

Friend of the show and returning guest Brad Gallaway from joined us this week to guide us through the epic monster slaying grind-fest, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. The whole Gaymebar has been bitten by the thunderbug and have fallen into a shock trap of hunting goodness. This serves as a great cautionary primer to those who have not partnered with a felyne yet, and what to expect from the introductory hours of this engrossing game.

Something Happened Somewhere

Slow weeks can be difficult. We are building up to the Metal Gear 4 second glance next week. Jeremiah has been bored a bit by the order, and has learned that if Legend Of The River King was real life he would die of starvation. Plenty of late game Majora’s Mask talk happens at the top of the show… so if we have been spoiling your life with spoilers then… well we continue to do that. Some shade needed to be thrown at Square for their nonsense “crowd-funding” initiative. Lastly some talk about Teslagrad and Evo Land make it in towards the end.