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That Old New

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar


    Todd is back and so if everyone else. Time to talk about things like Murdered Soul Suspect, Dark Souls DLC, Valiant Hearts, Borderlands 2, and GaymerX 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    The Bitcher - A Room Full of Queens

    Todd is away this week getting himself situated, but that is not a problem as Toups and Jeremiah have played all the things.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    The Notorious TODD

    We kiki this week about E3. Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and EA. Toups finished up Mass Effect 3, finally. Jeremiah made some progress in Drakengard 3.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Slender Mom

    It's hot and we are ready to podcast. Toup's has Mass Effect 3 and Among The Sleep, Jeremiah has Watch Dogs, and Todd is getting ready for another podcast. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Follow Us On Twitter

    Gaymebar summer break begins. From this show until the end of summer we will be on a bi-weekly show schedule. Also the Gaymebar facebook page is being retired. Keep up with us on Twitter...

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Once, Twice, Three Times A Podcast

    Todd and Jeremiah man the bar alone this week. Kirby comes up, some more Tomodachi Life things, and you know... other stuff

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    ProBearCub Jamboree

    Philip Jones (@ProBearCub) of Gaming in Color stopped by the bar to regale us with tales of Sleeping Dogs, Little Kings, and bears in their natural habitat. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Erotic Friend Fiction

    Jeremiah has a beef with books he needs to settle this week. We have talks of fashion, erotic fiction of the internet past and you know... like games and stuff whatever. 

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    V Is For Friendship

    Toups is hung over, Todd has kennel cough, Samantha is recouping and Jeremiah is well.... that guy. Lots of giggles and sight gags never to be seen again or ever on radio.

  • Podcast | Gayme Bar

    Tomophobia Life

    Todd has left the bar again.