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I am a Gaymer 
Gaymer is not property, Gaymer is identity. The word should officially go back to public domain, since it defines a greater community beyond the one mentioned on the trademark. 
Earlier this week, Chris Vizzini issued a Cease and Desist letter to the /r/gaymers Reddit community because he trademarked the word in 2007, for use with online communities and merchandise. In his open statement to the community, he sited several times about the financial obligations of defending his trademark on 'Gaymer'.
Chris, the word is greater than your trademark. Greater than any price. Greater than any single site on the internet. It is a word that defines a community that stretches to the farthest reaches of the net. It unifies us, strengthens our voices, and identifies us.
We were geeks and we were queers and we were misunderstood by both communities.  We found refuge, we found joy in video games.  We did.  When games opened up as a system that invited strangers to play together, we endured the soreness of slander and hate.  Then we found each other. 
We gathered each other, we named each other- we existed, we connected, and we played together as GAYMERS. No one owns this word.  No one should own this word. We ARE this word. This is us holding hands and shouting to the world.  This our our embrace and ebullience. We should not be separated by Gaymer, we should be united by it.  
Chris, you are one of us. To all of the colors in the GLBTQ rainbow, you are one of us. Let's play together.
We are proud. We are Gaymers. Will you join us in declaring yourself as a Gaymer too? 
If you would like to create your own image, make sure it looks real Gayme-y, keep it respectable, no more than PG-13. Send your images to: