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That’s A Show Ladies

That’s a show everyone, after 9 years the doors of the Gaymebar are closing. Up top we spend one last time reminising and sipping our tea. We do give you one final round of video game chat before we sink away into the edges of the internet. Thank you for coming along with us, its […]

A screen shot from dragon's dogma

Leave it to Deever

We are that thing that creeps randomly into your podcast feed. Its been a minute so we talk about some updates ideas with Sekiro, and a fresh release of Dragon’s Dogma gives us the perfect excuse to talk about Toup’s power lesbian duo.

V from devil may cry 5

Father might weep

Up front conversation about Devil May Cry, followed by an interlude of Trials Rising, then finishing up with Dia talking about Left Alive

Suckers like these…

Dia finally gave in to Kingdom Hearts, which is great we have way more material for the show now. Toups fell into Titan Fall 2 after one round of Apex legends, and Jeremiah has a PSA for people who might be wondering if Swords of Ditto is worth their hard earned money and limited time.

A photo of kingdom hearts

Lock it away

Jeremiah made playing Kingdom Hearts 3 his jobs, so most of the conversation is talk about the broad themes of the game(s) and the ending. Toups has also been playing Kingdom Hearts 2… so be prepared for Kingdom Hearts talk. Dia has a little bit of WarGroove and Apex Legends to talk about towards the […]


We never find out if netflix is indeed ‘OK’, but we do spend sometime talking about two games that are showing up in everyone’s backlogs for a second, or third time.

Em… pathetic

We got together on New Year’s Eve, 50% of the group is drunk but 100% of us are on our bullshit to say good bye to the hell that was 2018

A drum set. This was listed on wikipedia under "Heavy Metal Drumming"

A Folly of Foley

This show was a journey to edit… Right off, we are into Red Dead Redemption 2. Dia has some words that need to be committed to the ink of the internet. After that we move on to the hush hush boy (The Quiet Man) and then there is some shit about Tetris.

Black garbage can that says pitch in

All Pitches No Switches

Disingenuous title… there are actually switches in the episode. Starting out Dia, Todd, and Jeremiah spend time pitching video games to each other for some reason. In the back half Jeremiah has some Fire Emblem Awakening feels he needs to get out.

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