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A drum set. This was listed on wikipedia under "Heavy Metal Drumming"

A Folly of Foley

This show was a journey to edit… Right off, we are into Red Dead Redemption 2. Dia has some words that need to be committed to the ink of the internet. After that we move on to the hush hush boy (The Quiet Man) and then there is some shit about Tetris.

Black garbage can that says pitch in

All Pitches No Switches

Disingenuous title… there are actually switches in the episode. Starting out Dia, Todd, and Jeremiah spend time pitching video games to each other for some reason. In the back half Jeremiah has some Fire Emblem Awakening feels he needs to get out.

Gaymebar Function 100

Vault: Function 100

You have heard us mention it before… but it hasn’t been on the site for a long time. Here is it, the 3 hour madcap indulgence that is the first Gaymebar milestone of 100 episodes.

Bad Time Simulator 2018

Just Toups and Jeremiah this time, but there is more than enough to talk about… Aside from Dragon Quest 11 talk, Jeremiah has an axe to grind about games that are grinding axes on him.

You’re a wizard, Dia

Toups returns to the bar after months of hard matriculation. We finally get around to that Hollow Knight discussion. Dia kicks off what will likely / hopefully be continued reports from several wizardry style games. And Jeremiah makes some Switch recommendations.

Two dripping berries on a branch

Tickle Berry

No momentum this time around. Todd has some Octopath to cover. Jeremiah is working on the Alliance Alive, and Dia is playing that Shin Megami Tensei gacha mobile game.


We bring back up the topic of Persona 5 for most of the show. So here is your spoiler warning now… we dig in on a few specifics regarding the various confidants in the game. Jeremiah has words for Mario Tennis ACES and Dia attempts to explain Lain to Jeremiah

Close up of a shelf of encyclopedias.

By the book

E3 2018 has come and gone aaaaaand we have some opinions about it. Towards the end we talk about Blaze Blu Cross Tag Battle, West of Loathing, and Sushi Striker.

european art for Ruben from final fantasy fantasy mystic quest

See ya at the boat show

Yes of course we talk about Dark Souls this week… have you listened to this show before? But stick around for talk of using a SNES classic and maybe start for Jeremiah and Todd bleeding Nino Kuni 2 out of their veins

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