Pèrsōná-al Issūeś

Toups kicks off the show by once again going back into the arms of his lover… the souls series, Bloodborne in particular. After that though… We move on to talk about Persona 5, Nintendo Switch expectations, and even some more Final Fantasy 15


Giving you Everything

We start off by talking about a trailer for a game we haven’t played but are super into. Next up by some Nier talk, and then ending on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Hot Round Loaves

A bit more RE 7 talk this week as Jeremiah joins the fray. Todd has made the mistake of finishing Tales of Zesteria and Toups is too tired to do literally anything.


Mandatory Queer

It has been an exclusive engagement for a long time now but this time we invite Matt Baum host of The Sewers of Paris and Defining Marriage podcasts to join us. We discuss his current project Playing with Pride, current opinions of queer gaming culture, and community for queer gamers. After the main discussion we […]


Team Juicy Thick – Gayterion Collection

We sit down and kiki with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes about mostly nonsense… but also about Indie Game the movie, some updated thoughts on the iOess App Store and proper placement within the gay community.


New Year, Same Us

Welcome to year six at the bar. We start the year off with some Inside talk. Jeremiah devoted his life to Lara Croft over the holidays, and Todd was possibly being held hostage in some faux Normal Rockwell holiday terrorscape.

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