Mandatory Queer

It has been an exclusive engagement for a long time now but this time we invite Matt Baum host of The Sewers of Paris and Defining Marriage podcasts to join us. We discuss his current project Playing with Pride, current opinions of queer gaming culture, and community for queer gamers. After the main discussion we […]

Team Juicy Thick – Gayterion Collection

We sit down and kiki with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes about mostly nonsense… but also about Indie Game the movie, some updated thoughts on the iOess App Store and proper placement within the gay community.

New Year, Same Us

Welcome to year six at the bar. We start the year off with some Inside talk. Jeremiah devoted his life to Lara Croft over the holidays, and Todd was possibly being held hostage in some faux Normal Rockwell holiday terrorscape.

And Then There Was Gaymebar: Remaster

Remaster of function 52 which marks our first full year of Gaymebar. ———- We spend some time in the Kiki lounge with Chad Southard, and D.J. Kirkland this week. Going over general nonsense of course… but then afterwards its time to tell that Final Fantasy 13-2 about herself. Oh…. and 1 full year of GaymeBar!

So long, no thanks for all the fishing

This week we bleed Final Fantasy 15 out of our veins. The entire crew has finished now and there are so so many words to be said. The conversation holds nothing back so if you havent finished or you still care, or just have a medical condition that makes you allergic to spoilers you have […]

Towers What Need Defending: Remaster

Remaster of Function 51 ———————— Dark Souls continues to hold Toups for ransom and Jeremiah doesn’t have a thing to talk about other than going to his dark place wrought with unguarded roads and various towers. On the subject of towers we go over the lazy plagiarism between Zynga and Nimble Bit

Long Horns: Remaster

A remaster of Function 50 from January 2012 Mario Jara brings his Texas thiqness down to the bar this week. A light show, shorter than most, but all the sweeter as Mario wrestles with his new years resolution to not purchase games. Toup’s is being beat about the face by Dark Souls now… and Jeremi

Expreth Yourthelf

The time has finally come to talk about Final Fantasy… and hoo are there some hurt butts about it. Going into this know you might hear some things you don’t yet want to know about Final Fantasy 15, that said we attempted to keep things as vauge as possible while still talking about it.

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