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Function 269 cover, its a bear high fiving

The Sound of One Bear High Fiving

Toups, Dia, and Jeremiah talk about the impending far cry 5 train wreck. Toups shares his experience so far with Horizon Zero Dawn and Dia remembers a time when the Demon’s Souls servers will still active.

It’s Monters Hunty

Dia Lacina joins the bar in the fourth chair and we talk about mostly… Monster Hunter World. Celeste, even some BloodBorne

Who is ____ ______?

We may never know who ____ ______ was but while we work to discover the truth we will play Xenoblade and talk about the upcoming monster hunter world

Through the Ice and Snow

Tis’ the season and Todd is trapped in the ice flow again. Toups and Jeremiah talk about the annual injection of fresh soulsborne meat, in addition to some VR gaming, Assains’s Creed Origins, and holiday sales hauls.


Its a busy busy busy holiday season, here is a podcast where gay men talk about video games…

Hey, You’re Playing A Video Game

Just Jeremiah and Todd this time around. Todd is into some Xenoboob 2 and more importantly Yakuza 0 and Jeremiah talks about his unfortunate wealth of virtual space in Elder Scrolls Online.


Lets talk about Destiny 2 for a second before we move on to some more Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors. Kinkster Peach fan theory between minute 42 and 46

So… A Mario Walking Into A Bar…

Did someone say Mario? Good… cuz that is what we are here to talk about, well Toups is anyway. We also spend a lot of time talking about Fire Emblem Warriors and a little sexy game called Strange Flesh.

Chop Trees . Get Wood

Home ownership in Eorzea is a troubled and all to real affair. Frogs are dicks especially when presented as a duo and Adol has a nose like a thumbtack

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