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Lets talk about Destiny 2 for a second before we move on to some more Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors. Kinkster Peach fan theory between minute 42 and 46

For Honor and Glory (holes)

Toups is in Seattle Wa this week so 2/3 of the crew gets to record together. We spend a good amount of time talking about Final Fantasy 14 and MMO life balance. Next Todd has things to say about Destiny 2. An unwarranted amount of discussion about the Legend of Legacy and finally we talk […]

So… Video Games…

Show friend Brad Gallaway from Game Critics & the So… Video Games Podcast fills in for Todd this week. In the discussion is Wolfenstein: The New Order, a check in with Splatoon and Agents of Mayhem

Hey {plural gender pronoun}!

Captain Planet, he’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero, He’s our powers magnified, And he’s fighting on the planet’s sideCaptain Planet, he’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero, Gonna help him put asunder, Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

The Proofing

@dialacina joins us for real this time to talk about bread porn and at some point video games. Treading some familiar ground this week ( horizon, persona, witcher 3, etc. ) while everyone makes it through the summer slump. Horizon spoilers from 1:15:00 to 1:16:00

Anxiety on the horizon

Just Jeremiah and Todd again… but apparently there is plenty to talk about from Persona 5 to horizon to Todd going on break with his on again off again paramour Final Fantasy 14

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