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Her Stories: On Being a Terrible Friend

Jeremiah graciously bought Her Story for Todd & Toups, one of them didn’t play it. We chatted about it, and the agonizing history of Full-Motion Video Games. Plus Todd airs his grievances about Street Fighter V, and a farewell to Dad Ryu. Stay tuned for a salacious Behind the Bar™.

Function 200

Internet, you just can’t shake us. We’ve held on for 200 episodes and keep on giving. Join us as we reminisce about the past, and catch up with our current obsessions. Namely, Batman, Legend of Borra, and Her Story. Stay tuned for our Behind the Bars™.

Majora's Mask

Majora’s Masquerade Ball

Ian Ostrowski, from the fabulous Qoopa Klub podcast, joined us at the bar this week to chat about Majora’s Mask. We dig into development stories, the revamped Bomber’s Notebook and all of the improvements and grievances we have with the game. Todd shares his feels on the Tingle DLC for Hyrule Warriors.

Qoopa Klub Pops

We have a very special guest for you this week, Jeremy Johnson of the Qoopa Klub podcast. Toups continues his playthrough of Metal Gear 3. Todd & Jeremiah checked out Life is Strange and the Codename: Steam demo on 3DS, which made us reminisce about the brilliance of Valkyria Chronicles.

Metal Queer Outta Hell

Jeremiah shares his feels about Saints Row 4: Gat Outta Hell. Toups discovers Metal Gear Solid 2 like it’s brand new. And Todd played Coming Out On Top. Strap in for an extended Behind the Bar™ sequence about our favorite subject, gay sex and then also Broad City & Looking. Further reading: ‘Fat Sex’: The Last Gay Taboo on […]