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So long, no thanks for all the fishing

This week we bleed Final Fantasy 15 out of our veins. The entire crew has finished now and there are so so many words to be said. The conversation holds nothing back so if you havent finished or you still care, or just have a medical condition that makes you allergic to spoilers you have […]

Expreth Yourthelf

The time has finally come to talk about Final Fantasy… and hoo are there some hurt butts about it. Going into this know you might hear some things you don’t yet want to know about Final Fantasy 15, that said we attempted to keep things as vauge as possible while still talking about it.

Blood Burned

Ok… that title was inflammatory and might make you think that there are bad things to say about Blood Borne. Jeremiah is really into it, Todd not so much at the moment. Toups has take a spin through Brutal Ledgend and wether you like it or not there is another discussion about Final Fantasy 15’s […]

Giant Fantasy Behemoth

Final Fantasy XV demo hit this past week and Todd dug his thumbs into it, along with Final Fantasy Type 0. We all have been playing more Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and bitch about carrying eggs, once again. Jeremiah added a New 3DS to his repertoire. And Toups just wants to play Bloodborne.