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It’s Monters Hunty

Dia Lacina joins the bar in the fourth chair and we talk about mostly… Monster Hunter World. Celeste, even some BloodBorne

Giant Fantasy Behemoth

Final Fantasy XV demo hit this past week and Todd dug his thumbs into it, along with Final Fantasy Type 0. We all have been playing more Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and bitch about carrying eggs, once again. Jeremiah added a New 3DS to his repertoire. And Toups just wants to play Bloodborne.

Monster Hunty 4 Crow Pie Edition

Friend of the show and returning guest Brad Gallaway from joined us this week to guide us through the epic monster slaying grind-fest, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. The whole Gaymebar has been bitten by the thunderbug and have fallen into a shock trap of hunting goodness. This serves as a great cautionary primer to […]

Monster Butterfly Huntress 4 Ultimately

Toups and Jeremiah continue their tales from Termina in Majora’s Mask. Todd wrote a response article to a Kotaku article about Tingle, and bought the latest Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS. Jeremiah nabbed Kirby’s Rainbow Curse for the WiiU.